Changelog: May

Learn more May's releases, improvements, and fixes.

The highlights

Status Page

Our new public Status Page provides developers a simple way to track the status of our API, Portal, and Elements. Check it out at

Enabling all tokens to be used with Reactors and Proxy 

All token types now work with our Reactors and Proxy services.  We also optimized each, allowing developers to use a liquid-style syntax for processing and analyzing their data, as well as grab specific data from a token at ANY property. 

Given the following token:

  "id": "d35412f4-9d3b-45d8-b051-fe4b7d4e14c5",
  "type": "token",
  "data": {
    "bicycle": {
      "color": "red",
      "price": 19.95

To request the bike’s color, you’d use the following expression with any of our Proxy or Reactor endpoints:

{{d35412f4-9d3b-45d8-b051-fe4b7d4e14c5 | json: '$.bicycle.color'}}

Terraform Provider

You shouldn’t worry about manually configuring your system's dependencies or promoting a change from your development environment to a production environment. For this exact reason, we launched our own Basis Theory Terraform Provider. The new tool allows engineers to manage Basis Theory alongside the rest of your infrastructure as code!

terraform {
  required_providers {
    basistheory = {
      source  = "basis-theory/basistheory"
      version = ">= 0.1.3"

Get started with our guides on Managing your Applications with Terraform and Managing Reactor Formulas with Terraform or check out our new Go SDK!

Other stuff

Fixes & Improvements

Head over to our Slack community to provide feedback, ideas, or requests!


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