Senior Backend Engineer

Organization: Engineering

Basis Theory provides unbounded encryption and tokenization infrastructure. That means the most flexible, performant and distributed approach to providing these services for the entire internet, working with developers and organizations anywhere in the world. Our vision is to use a mathematical approach to data security to create bliss.

As a part of our engineering team you'll help advise and build solutions that enable our clients to protect and permission data. You'll be a key member of the team helping drive architecture and our development culture.

Basis Theory is backed by world-class institutional investors as well as a group of highly strategic (and accessible) angels and operators. We are intentionally distributed, with an acute focus on diversity, and smile before every meeting.


  • 5+ years of development experience working in a team environment
  • Strong, demonstrable understanding of at least one of the following programming languages: C#, Kotlin or Java
  • Strong understanding of security and encryption patterns and standards
  • Demonstrable knowledge of data modeling
  • Production experience with data storage systems such as MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Redis, or ElasticSearch
  • Production experience building RESTful or GraphQL APIs
  • Demonstrable knowledge developing API schemas following OpenAPI or GraphQL specifications
  • Demonstrable knowledge of using Docker and Docker Compose
  • Production experience working with at least one major cloud provider such as AWS, Azure, or GCP
  • Production experience using at least one CI/CD platform such as GitHub Actions, Azure DevOps, Concourse, Drone, or Jenkins
  • Experience performing pair programming or mob programming in a team environment
  • Experience building process diagrams to model data flows and system interactions

An ideal candidate will have

  • A passion for automation and DevOps
  • Experience working in payments or retail industries
  • Production experience building and managing SaaS products
  • Production experience with OAuth and Identity Provider integration
  • Expert understanding of security and encryption patterns and standards
  • Production experience designing and building event-orientated systems

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