Unleash the power of sensitive data faster.

Simplify the compliance and security challenges of working with sensitive data. Move faster, be bolder, and stay safer.


Continuously comply with new and existing data protection requirements

Store credit cards in a PCI-compliant environment—no issuing platform or payment provider is needed.
Protect PII and satisfy new data protection, residency, and privacy requirements, like GDPR and CCPA.
Safeguard account numbers and impress bank partners overnight with best-in-class data security protections.
Secure PHI and satisfy privacy requirements using our HIPAA-compliant environment and robust access controls.

We provide everything you need to create compelling experiences, unique workflows, and amazing insights without sacrificing data security or compliance.

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The compliance engineering platform.

Stand up a compliant environment for storing and using sensitive data—in as little as 5 minutes.

Modern SDKs. Go live faster with a robust library of components, tools, and integrations.

Pre-built blueprints. Create compliant workflows for popular use cases in minutes.

Flexible forms. Capture and reveal data with customizable and embeddable UI components.

Robust access controls. Configure visibility, set rules, and grant permissions with fine-grain precision.


Trusted by the next
generation of tech.

Basis Theory lets us secure the data, maintain the rules, and take advantage of the data and get access to it in a secure manner, as if it’s in-house.

Basis Theory lets us secure the data and maintain the rules, but take advantage of the data and get access to it in a secure manner, as if it's in-house.

As a startup, we wanted to move quickly, but as a fintech, we needed to securely store critical data. Basis Theory let us get up and running in a compliant way in just a few hours.

Basis Theory made us PCI compliant in a day, rather than months. The team has been a delight to work with and they beat other tokenization platforms on cost.

Basis Theory provided clear and efficient APIs that allowed us to implement our PII data management with speed and simplicity.


What can developers do
with Basis Theory?

Get plaintext-like flexibility without exposing
your systems to compliance scope.

Collect data from anywhere.

Capture sensitive data using modern UI components

Ingest and store raw values using our API or an SFTP connection

Launch quickly with configurable templates for common data types

Unlock new workflows or maintain existing ones

Send data to third parties without touching it

Reveal masked or raw values to authorized end-users

Mask data to support daily business operations

Work on your data like it's in-house

Analyze your data with code written by you

Search encrypted data without decrypting it

Remove duplicates within a data set

End-to-end control,  visibility, and audibility into every interaction

Control access and visibility at the system, user, and field level

Monitor  interactions with complete traceability

Prove compliance with independently verified audit logs

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