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A compliant and developer-friendly platform to secure, use, and manage the data that matters most to you.

Go live without a credit card

If it can be serialized, it can be tokenized.

  • Replace high-value data in your system with undecipherable tokens
  • Keep original data encrypted in our PCI Level 1 data vault
  • Share, process or analyze data from your Basis Theory environment
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Plain Text
  "name": "James Holden",
  "ssn": "444-44-5555",
  "state": "Montana",
  "id": "30c7f204-66a9-4d85-abfe-68b71a0852a4",
  "type": "token",
  "data": {
    "ssn": "XXX-XX-5555"

Own your card data without owning a card data environment

  • Collect card data without exposing your organization to additional PCI
  • Reduce or eliminate PCI requirements by 87%
  • Send card data to any third-party endpoint
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4444 4444 4444 4444
 "id": "30c7f204-66a9-4d85-abfe-68b71a0852a4",
  "type": "card",
  "card": {
    "number": "XXXXXXXXXXXX4444",
    "expiration_month": 2,
    "expiration_year": 2024

Collect tokens, not bank account numbers

  • Satisfy national bank account storage requirements—in minutes
  • Pass through bank data from your app using stylized form fields
  • Build and share bank transfer files
Plain Text
  "routingNumber": "021000021",
  "accountNumber": "1234567890"
  "id": "30c7f204-66a9-4d85-abfe-68b71a0852a4",
  "type": "bank",
  "data": {
    "routingNumber": "021000021",
    "accountNumber": "XXXXXX7890"

De-identify personal data and satisfy privacy requirements

  • Adapt to new data residency laws automatically
  • Tailor access and permissions to underlying PII
  • Send personally identifiable information to any API endpoint
Plain Text
  "name": "James Holden",
  "ssn": {
    "type": "social_security_number",
    "data": "444-55-4242"
  "name": "30c7f204-66a9-4d85-abfe-68b71a0852a4",
  "ssn": {
    "id": "30c7f204-66a9-4d85-abfe-68b71a0852a4",
    "type": "social_security_number",
    "data": "XXXXX4242"
Making sensitive data more valuable for companies like

Build secure applications and workflows in minutes

Stand up a compliant environment in seconds, a demo app in 15 minutes, and a prod-ready solution in just a couple of hours.
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Securing PII and card data · 3m

Avoid vendor lock-in

Don't let a vendor—or us—hold your data hostage. With Basis Theory, you can take your data at any time.

Growth-friendly pricing

We believe all data should be secured. Basis Theory built a pricing model that encourages just that.

Internal stakeholder-approved

Centrally set and programmatically enforce security, compliance, and risk policies on your sensitive data.

Basis Theory solves

three complex


Use your data without touching it.

Use sensitive data without sacrificing privacy

Replace plaintext data with tokens defined by you.


Reveal only what's needed with automatically-generated obfuscated text.


Recognize your data with a single value to uniquely identify the contents of a token.


Customize the length and format of your tokens using the Liquid syntax, Expressions.


Keep data encrypted as you search underlying data using the API or Web Portal.

Secure your data with the team you have.

Collect and reveal sensitive data

Our modern, React building blocks capture and display cardholder information without exposing your website or application to PCI scope.


Convert more users and grab more cards with UI components designed and optimized for humans.

Reveal BETA

Increase transactions by making your users' cardholder information readily and safely available to them through your UI.
Collect and reveal cardholder data

Compliant hosted environments

Store cardholder data in your own PCI Level 1 and SOC 2-certified cloud-hosted environment

Managed encryption services

Secure your data automatically with the latest encryption methods and built-in Key Management Services

Manage your sensitive data at scale.

Integrated controls

Govern, support, and optimize your implementation through our API, or supported Infrastructure as Code tools — like Terraform.

Support your operations

Quickly debug, review logs, manage users, and much more by connecting Basis Theory to your existing admin tools.

Govern your data

Meet policy requirements around access controls and permissions with our RBAC-friendly classifications and impact levels.
“Basis Theory made us PCI compliant in a day, rather than months. The team has been a delight to work with and they beat other tokenization platforms on cost.”
Ethan Lacey
Founder at Dwell
“As a startup, we wanted to move quickly, but as a fintech, we needed to securely store critical data. Basis Theory let us get up and running in a compliant way in just a few hours.
Sahil Hasan
Founder at Dots
“Basis Theory provided clear and efficient APIs that allowed us to implement our PII data management with speed and simplicity.”
Ernel Murati
Software Engineer at Parafin

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