Outsource card data management—all the benefits, none of the headaches.

Collect card data, send it to processors or partners, and store it as if it's in your database while satisfying up to 95% of the compliance requirements that come with PCI.

Develop with flexibility

Optimize your card data collection, partnerships, and product flows with the dev stack of your choice. Enjoy the flexibility to switch payment processors.

Get to market fast

Skip the hassle of building your own PCI expertise. Launch with best practices and a fully compliant cardholder environment in minutes, not months.

Prove compliance

Satisfy as much as 95% of PCI requirements and get access to the necessary logs and documentation to prove it.

Basis Theory made us PCI compliant in a day rather than months. The team has been a delight to work with and they beat other tokenization platforms on cost.

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By storing cards with Basis Theory, we have more flexibility in optimizing our payment stack and reacting to our customer’s needs. It’s made compliance a competitive advantage for us.

“I think one of the unique aspects of Basis Theory, and the tech suite they’ve built, is that it’s not a, ‘This is the product, use it like this.’ It’s almost as if we have that data in-house.”

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The best PCI-compliant
environment you'll never build

Use flexible tools and services to unlock new products, partnerships, and services without exposing your system to cardholder data.


Easily capture card information through flexible web and mobile form components and API endpoints. Keep your tech stack and design patterns.


Decouple your cardholder data from your payment service provider. Secure customers’ cards to unlock new payment flows, processors, and partnerships.


Format payloads, add metadata, and share data with your existing frameworks and SDKs. Compatible with any partner or processor: modern or outdated.

PCI environment in 10 minutes or less?

Create a proof of concept between meetings. Use the PCI Blueprint to spin up your own PCI-compliant environment for free.
See PCI Blueprint

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